1920s Make Up

We all know the 1920's as the time of the flapper. Women back in the Roaring 20's were rebellious and their makeup showed it. If you want to recreate that 1920s make-up look, there are a few simple guidelines to follow. First, choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Concealer can be used to create a flawless look. To set the makeup, a dusting of translucent powder will do the job. After you've created a good base, you are ready to apply the colors that will make you look like you just stepped out of an old 20's movie.

There are a lot of women who like to do their cheeks after foundation and powder so Use a cream or liquid blush in a sheer red shade on the apples of cheeks. Benetint by Benefit is a great product that can be used to impart a flushed glow on both lips and cheeks. For the eyes, a smoky look is ideal. Layer dark brown shadows on the lid and crease, then take the darkest shade and apply it to the lower lash line with a slanted brush. Line both top and bottom lids with black liner. For lashes, you may want to use false lashes for the most dramatic look. If you have trouble using falsies, curl your natural lashes and apply 2 to 3 coats of black mascara. Brows should be thin and dramatically arched.

One popular look was the Cupid's bow for the lips in the 1920s. This look can be created with a few products and some know-how. Create a base by applying foundation to the lips. Powder the lips with translucent powder. Then, line the lips into a dramatic bow shape. You will want to make the top lip dramatic at the bow area and the bottom lip full. The look is best achieved by stopping short of your natural lip width. Fill in the lined lips with a dark cherry red lipstick. Revlon Cherries in the Snow is a perfect shade for a flapper look.

There is no doubt that the 1920s make-up look is dramatic and very feminine. It is quite easy to do once you've had a little practice and to complete the look you can bob your hair or get a flapper wig. If you're heading to a costume party, consider wearing a beaded knee-length dress with straight lines. Women in the flapper times would tape their breasts down and wore straight-lined dresses that did not show their curves. Throw on a pair of chunky heeled shoes and you're all done!

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