80s Makeup

The most colorful decade so far has to be the 1980s. If you are going to a Halloween party, disco dance, a club or you just want to stand out from the crowd, why not try wearing 1980's makeup? If you want to look totally authentic, remove the word subtle from your vocabulary. The first step to any successful makeup look is a good base. To make your makeup last, use a primer underneath your foundation. Because the 80's was all about excess, don't mess around with tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation. No, for this look you will need something like Pan-Cake or Pan-Stik foundation. Both of these products are made by Max Factor.

Once you have applied a generous layer of foundation to your entire face, you may want to do some contouring. Stick foundation in a shade or two darker than your regular foundation is perfect for this. Apply contouring stripes in the hollows of cheeks, at the jawline, on the sides of the nose and on the sides of the forehead. Blend your contour makeup gently with a damp makeup sponge. Now it's time for blush. Choose a bright pink shade and apply to the apples of cheeks and in a diagonal stripe up to the hairline. Don't blend too much or you'll lose the dramatic look.

Next we come to the eyes and here a blue shadow is classic for an 1980's look. Go for frosty or sparkly blue shadow if you can find it. Purple is also great. Apply your shadow up to the browbone area. You may want to wing it out at the outer corners. Contour the brows with a brow pencil and add a touch of shimmery white shadow at the inner corners of eyes and under the brows. Line both upper and lower lids with blue eyeliner and apply at least two coats of mascara. If you've got face glitter, use it on eyelids and the tops of your cheeks. To finish your hot 80's look, line lips and fill in with either a bright pink, purple or red lipstick, topped with clear lip gloss.

When you are all done with the makeup for the 1980's you can finish off the look with some great accessories and a 1980's hairstyle. Go for big, colorful earrings, the bigger the better and Pile on some jelly bracelets on each arm. Your hair should also be big. Tease your tresses with a rattail comb sculpt your bangs into a high pouf. Spray the sides of your hair with high hold hairspray, hold the hair out with a brush and hit with a hot blast from your dryer for maximum volume. You might even want to try coloring a few strands of your hair with a temporary hair color in a bright shade like hot pink or electric blue.

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