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The name of DHC Cosmetics is becoming well known for their popular skincare line from Japan. They are a direct mail company who can ship their products to anywhere in the world. Over a period of more than 20 years, DHC have been developing and creating fine products for beautiful skin. The company was founded on the beauty benefits of olive oil, which has many healthy benefits for both face and body. These products do not contain unnecessary ingredients like colorants or fragrances, which means they are great for sensitive skin.

DHC began with only three products and with steady growth the product line has evolved to cover a whole range of products. There are also three DHC salons and this company is a fixture in most every Japanese department store. Many of this company's products use olive oil. This oil is extra virgin and extracted from only the finest Spanish olives. The process used to get the oil is a painstaking one that results in the very best olive oil found anywhere. Olive oil works to prevent skin problems due to oxidation and helps lock in valuable moisture. The oil used by DHC is even filtered before being used in products to ensure the purest product possible.

While they have become suppliers to people all over the world DHC has never forgotten it's roots and makes all kinds of products for your skin. Some of their best sellers include items like Olive Leaf Cream, Ceramide Milk, Emollient Balm and Rose Treatment Oil. If you have oily skin, you may think you don't need a moisturizer. The truth is that you do, however you need a moisturizer especially formulated for your skin type. Water Base Moisture is a great choice for oily skin because it hydrates without greasiness. This product is to be applied daily following your cleanser and toner. For a matte look all day long, try DHC Matte Cream underneath your makeup application.

There is a wide range of makeup products that DHC Cosmetics supply and for eyes, there are products like Eye Shadow Moon. This is a single shade compact that comes in colors like Blue Veil, Sand Copper and Misty Brown, to name just a few. Perfect Pro Cheek Color makes a perfect blush and is available in many gorgeous colors also. This company also makes lots of great choices for lips, including lipstick palettes and glosses. One popular gloss is called Moisture Care Lip Gloss and is available in shades like Cherry, Peach, Orange and Cinnamon.

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