Dramatic Eye Makeup

If you want to make an impact then this is for you. Subtle eye makeup is may do that thing for some women, but others prefer something a more dramatic eye makeup look. It's so easy to create a glamorous eye look that can take you from day to night. Let's say you've got a busy day planned. Perhaps you are going to the office all day, then to a party directly after work. For your all-business look, do a neutral eye using soft brown shadow and a thin line of black liner on the top lids only. In your makeup bag, pack a charcoal shadow, shadow brush, black mascara and opalescent white highlighting pencil. Highlighting pencils are now available from many different cosmetic companies and provide a shimmery sheen to the skin.

When you finsih at work, stop by the ladies' room on your way out and get yourself ready to change your look from a gentle conservative to wild and exciting in a few minutes. The neutral eye you did in the morning before work will serve as the perfect base. Apply charcoal shadow to the lids and in the crease of the eye. Gently blend. Wet the shadow brush and dip it into the shadow again. Use the wet shadow as a liner for upper and lower lids. Next, take the highlighting pencil and add some shimmer on the browbone and under your lower eyeliner. Apply two coats of black mascara and you're good to go!

A lot of people refer to this look as the smoky eye. You can use charcoal or black shadow to do the smoky eye but you don't have to. You can use shades of brown, purple, blue, green...any color you like. The key is to layer and blend for a smudged look. For an ultra glam look, apply false lashes before applying mascara. To blend the falsies with your real lashes, curl with an eyelash curler once the glue has adhered. There is another look that is quite dramatic and works well for women who don't care for the smoky eye. I call it the old Hollywood glamour look.

To get the best from this look apply a shimmery champagne colored shadow from lid to brow. Once you have done that, add a bit of brown shadow in the crease of the eyelid and blend it almost to the browbone. Accentuate the arch of the eye with powder or eyebrow pencil. Then, take black liquid liner and line the top lids only. Wing the liner up and out at the outer corners. Apply false lashes, curl, then add two coats of lengthening mascara. The perfect accompaniment to this look is matte red lips. If you want to see plenty more dramatic eye makeup looks, check out a makeup book. The late, great celebrity makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin has several including Making Faces and Face Forward which show you how to achieve lots of stunning effects.

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