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When you hear a name like Flirt Cosmetics, you immediately think of flirting teenagers, don't you? Mature women couldn't possibly wear such a makeup line. Or could they? The fact is, this cosmetics brand is perfect for every woman, whether you are sixteen or sixty. Flirt makeup is sold online and at Kohl's stores around the nation. You will find products for the entire face including foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, lipstick, gloss and much more. Foundation is the first step when getting gorgeous as it creates a flawless base on which to build your look.

Act Natural foundation is a sheer formula with SPF protection that lets your skin breathe. For heavier coverage, try Pretty Easy Quick Cover Stick. This foundation provides a creamy matte finish that conceals imperfections. Speaking of concealer, Glamouflage is a concealer with salicylic acid to heal while it covers blemishes. For a shine-free finish, top your foundation and concealer with Love and Matteness Oil-Free Pressed Powder. Next, you need blush to make your cheeks glow.

Flirt makes several great blushes in various formulations. I'm Whipped Cheek Mousse is a creamy formula that imparts a gorgeous glow. Big Deal Lip and Cheek Tint is a gel stick formula that can be used on both lips and cheeks. If traditional powder blush is your thing, check out Peek-A-Blush Sheer Powder Cheek Color. Next, you need products to accentuate your eyes. When flirting, the eyelash flutter is a classic move. Get long lashes with Far Out Lengthening mascara. Opening Line liquid liner makes a dramatic line while Dreamy Eyes eyeshadow colors and contours.

For gorgeous lips, try Chickstick creamy lipstick which is a sheer formulation. Squeeze Me lipgloss is perfect for women who want a sheer shine with a hint of color. Shades include Grape Cooler, Cranberry Twist and Citrus Crush, to name only a few. Another fun gloss is Flirtini Swirled Lip Shine, which combines two colors in one tube. If you want a full coverage lipstick, High Wattage is for you. This lipstick combines a creamy texture with long lasting color. Flirt cosmetics also makes a fragrance called Flirtatious. This fragrance blends berry, honeysuckle and vanilla for a truly alluring scent.

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