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Gothic Eye Makeup Tips

The gothic culture, or goth as it is more commonly called, is very popular with some of today's youth. You will probably have seen teens and young adults dressed in black, with pale faces and dark shadowed eyes. You may want this as a full-time goth look or maybe you just want to dress up for Halloween but gothic eye makeup tips can help you look your macabre best. When gathering makeup supplies for a goth eye look, go for dark colors as a dark, smoky eye is the cornerstone of this look. To prevent your eye makeup from running or wearing off prematurely, start by prepping the eye with a flesh tone eyeshadow primer. Add a dusting of pressed powder which will help the makeup adhere even better.

The next thing to do is to apply shadow to the lids, crease and lower lash line with an eyeshadow brush and when it comes to shadow colors, you can either go for classic black or try a color like purple or blue. Just keep it dark rather than bright. Eyeliner is another important part of the look. There are different kinds of eyeliners to choose from. Pencil eyeliner is a classic choice, and is easy to apply. Liquid liner makes a more dramatic line, but is sometimes difficult to work with. There are new gel and cream eyeliners on the market that are applied with a slanted eyeliner brush. No matter which kind of liner you go with, make sure it's black and apply thick lines to the top and bottom of the eye.

You might find that if you extend the liner up and out at the outer corners for a cat-eye look it really makes your eyes stand out. You can even get really creative with your liner and make designs on the outer corner of the eye. To add a bit of sparkle to your look, apply eye glitter. You can do an all-over glitter on the lid, or use the glitter on the outer corners. Another very important part of this look is mascara. You will need at least two coats on upper and lower lashes. You might even want to try dramatic false lashes or a colored mascara. Brows are another aspect of any eye makeup look. For a goth look, go for skinny brows with a high arch.

There are lots more ideas you can get from looking online.Search for Gothic eye make-up images and get some more ideas. When trying out new eye looks, give yourself ample time to experiment with different looks. One of the best things about the goth look is that it doesn't need to be perfect, and smudged eye makeup can make the look even more authentic. When you have being doing Goth make-up for a while you will find that you can put together a dark eye makeup look in just a matter of minutes.

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