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These days, organic products are all the rage. And why shouldn't they be? Organic is simply a healthier way to live. Miessence cosmetics are certified organic, which means they are so natural that you could literally eat them (not that you'd want to.) This company makes personal care products for your whole body from your head to your toes. These products are perfect for the whole family and ideal for those with sensitive skin. All skin types can benefit from these products as there is something for each skin type in this product line.

You will find cleansers, toners, treatments, moisturizers and more. A regimen for normal skin might include something like the Balancing Cleanser, Garnet Exfoliant, Balancing Mineral Mask, Balancing Skin Conditioner and Balancing Moisturizer. Oily skin types would do well with products like the Purifying Cleanser, Purifying Mineral Mask and Purifying Blemish Gel. For mature skin consider the Rejuvenessence Serum or Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist.

This company also makes lots of personal care products for the whole body. You'll find three different kinds of toothpaste -- Mint, Lemon and Anise. Sunflower Body Wash is great for use in the shower. After bathing try one of the roll-on deodorants such as Ancient Spice, Tahitian Breeze or Aroma Free. To moisturize the body, try Intensive Body Cream. If you want some luxury in your beauty routine, use a fluffy puff to apply Luxurious Body Powder all over your skin.

Need products for your hair? Miessence makes those, too! For normal or dry hair, try the Desert Flower Shampoo and Shine Herbal Hair Conditioner. For oily hair, try Lemon Myrtle Shampoo and Clarifying Hair Rinse. Damaged hair need extensive repair, which is exactly what the Protect B5 Hair Repair product does. For styling, try the Shape Styling Gel. Now that you know Miessence makes great products for skin and hair, you're probably wondering about their makeup. You're in luck, because this company makes a wide variety of fantastic cosmetics.

Translucent Foundation works to even out the skin tone while providing UV protection and adding moisture to the skin. To disguise blemishes and dark circles, try the Miessence Concealer in a shade close to your skin tone. Translucent Powder can be used to set makeup and reduce shine, while Bronzing Powder gives a sunny glow. Mineral Blush comes in a variety of gorgeous shades like Desert Rose, Apricot Dew and Ginger Blossom. Shimmer Creme for cheeks and lips is a great multipurpose product and can be used underneath Jaffa Lip Balm which is a super hydrating formula containing shea butter and avocado oil. All of Miessence cosmetics are natural, beautiful and perfect for all skin types.

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