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The art of the mime is one that is associated with the French but actually dates back to Greco-Roman times. Mimes express actions and emotions without using words. They use facial expressions and bodily gestures to get a message across. Mime makeup is very helpful when it comes to expression. If you're not sure how to apply mime makeup, read on. This article will cover the basics of painting your face to look like a classic mime in the tradition of Marcel Marceau. The first thing to do is get your supplies ready.

You will need white clown makeup, which comes in several varieties. You will find grease paint, liquid makeup and pancake style makeup for sale from theatrical cosmetics companies. Then you will need black eyeliner, red lipstick, white setting powder and a fluffy powder puff or brush. If you've got a photo to go by this can help you achieve the best look. First, make sure your face is clean and dry. If your skin is on the dry side, use a moisturizer to help the makeup go on more easily. Allow the moisturizer a few minutes to absorb into the skin before proceeding with the application.

If you are a man, you will also want to shave to ensure smooth makeup application. Use a headband to hold hair off your face. First, apply the white makeup all over your face including over your brows. Blend well. The entire face should be white. Once you've applied the white makeup, use the powder to set it. This is especially important if you are using greasepaint. The next step is to define the brows and line the eyes with the black eyeliner. The brows should be strong, arched and higher than your natural brows. Next, add red lipstick to the lips.

These are basic instructions on how to apply mime makeup. You may want to go online and look up some pictures of mimes to see the different variations. If you have a photo to go by, it will be easier to apply your own makeup. When the time comes to remove the mime makeup, you will need professional strength makeup remover. Soap and water likely won't be enough to take off all the traces of stage makeup. You can most likely buy professional remover at the same place you buy your mime makeup.

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