Punk Makeup

Punk makeup is perfect for a holiday like Halloween, an outing to a nightclub or for some daring individuals, everyday wear. Don't get punk confused with goth, however. The two are similar but still quite different. Goth makeup mostly utilizes dark shadow shades like charcoal and black. While punk makeup can and may use dark colors, it also uses more vibrant colors as well. Before creating any makeup look, the first step is to apply foundation. Your foundation should be a close match to your natural skin tone and will provide an even base onto which the rest of your look can be built.

After applying foundation, set it with a dusting of translucent powder. Next, contour the cheeks. A dark bronzer can be used to create a hollow-cheeked look. Or, you may want to apply stripes of hot pink blush which was a popular look in the 80's. After your cheeks are done to your satisfaction, you can move on to the eyes. One hot punk look for the eyes is a bright pink or red shadow, applied from lid to brow and extended out at the outer corners. Another idea is to do stripes of different contrasting colors. Blue and yellow would make a striking contrast. Line the top and bottom lash lines with black or bright colored eyeliner and finish with two coats of mascara. You can use black mascara or try a colored mascara.

You might also want to use some face glitter on eyes and cheeks. For lips, start off with a lip liner and draw the line slightly outside your natural lip line for a dramatic look. Hot pink and red are great colors for a punk makeup look. If you want to go really wild, consider frosty white, blue or black lipstick. If you're a man who wants to do the punk look without looking too feminine, play up your eyes but don't do the blush or lipstick.

Most any makeup brand offers the colors and products you need to pull off a great punk makeup look. One popular high end brand that can be used to create all kinds of looks, including the punk look, is Urban Decay. This company makes all kinds of fun products including a wide variety of eyeshadows with names like Graffiti and Ransom. You might also want to try a palette such as the Eyeshadow Ammo Shadow Box which contains several colors in a handy, portable box.

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