Special Makeup Effects

Special makeup effects are commonly used in the movies and theater. You may want to use some of these effects for Halloween or for stage work. Effects can range from simple to very complex, with the more difficult looks requiring the skills of a professional makeup artist. If you want to try a few daring looks yourself, the first step is to decide which look you're going for. For example, if you want to do a vampire look it is a good idea to look up some famous movie and stage vampire photos online to get some ideas. Using a photo as a guide can really help you when you are ready to put on your makeup as well.

White stage makeup can be applied as a base for many different looks. Makeup for a vampire, zombie, clown or mime look starts with white makeup. There are different formulations including greasepaint and pancake makeup. To make the eyes appear hollow apply a charcoal or dark blue shadow all around the eye and blend. Fake blood can be used to create a variety of effects including dripping fangs or fake wounds. There are also gel and putty type cosmetic components that can be applied to the skin to create a variety of different effects.

The key to good special effects makeup is choosing a professional brand. Mehron, Joe Blasco and Ben Nye are all examples of pro brands that are used by makeup artists everywhere. They are not the only brands but certainly some of the most popular. These brands can be purchased by anyone via the Internet. You will find these products to be of high quality and very pigmented. They cost a bit more than cosmetics sold in drugstores but if you want authentic stage makeup you cannot beat these brands.

You can find special makeup effects ideas and techniques in books about the subject. Here are a few titles that are definitely worth checking out: Stage Makeup Step-by-Step by Rosemarie Swinfield, Stage Makeup: The Actor's Complete Guide to Today's Techniques and Materials by Laura Thudium, Create Your Own Stage Makeup by Gillian Davies and Stage Makeup by Richard Corson and James Glavan. These books are filled with great tips and illustrations to help you create most any makeup effect.

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