Vanity Makeup Tables

Every woman needs a vanity table. There are many different kinds of vanity makeup tables available. Your style might be antique. If so, you can find gorgeous vanities dating back many years. Perhaps you want something more modern. In that case you may want to check out some of new vanity tables from many of today's leading furniture makers. The average vanity table features a bench on which to sit, a large mirror, several drawers for storage and a tabletop space. Some may also have a shelf area also. Vanity tables are an ideal place to keep all your cosmetics.

You may want to utilize the drawers as storage space for your makeup. Some women use train cases to store their cosmetics and use their vanity table drawers for accessories and undergarments. Train cases are like suitcases, except when you open them there are all kinds of fold-out compartments for all your makeup. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet every need. When it comes to your various perfumes, colognes and lotions, use the tabletop surface or vanity shelf to display them. Many perfume bottles are beautiful and decorative and therefore look great left out in the open.

Most vanity tables are made from wood. To keep the wood looking its best, use a furniture polish such as Pledge or Murphy's Oil Soap on a regular basis. These polishes will keep dust away and give the wood a nice sheen. Also, they smell like lemons which is quite pleasant. For the mirror, use a regular glass cleaner and lint-free paper towels. If you don't like using chemical cleaners, white vinegar makes a great glass cleaner. Your vanity bench can be cleaned the same way as the vanity table. If you don't like the existing bench fabric, cover it with fabric that matches the rest of the room.

When it comes to price, vanity makeup tables range from cheap to expensive. You can get a cheap metal vanity table for around $100 or less. An antique vanity or one made from real hardwood is going to cost substantially more, but can be worth the price. To get an idea about what kind of vanity is best for you, go online and do some browsing with various furniture companies. You might also want to check out some furniture companies in your local area to see what they have to offer.

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