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Who Invented Makeup

The history of makeup is a long one, dating all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. They used natural materials like kohl and berries to add color to their faces. Egyptian women even used a moisturizing substance called unguent on their faces to keep wrinkles away. In Roman times, women used kohl on their eyes and chalk to impart a whiter complexion. Cheeks and lips were given a rosy glow with rouge made from fruit juices. Makeup in olden days was quite dangerous, however. White lead was often worn to achieve an aristocratic pale appearance. In the sixth century, women would even bleed themselves until their skin was pale enough.

In the Renaissance period of Italian history, face powder made from arsenic was commonly used. There was even a popular brand called Aqua Toffana named after its founder, Signora Toffana. Luckily in the Elizabethan era of England, cosmetics were seen as a threat to health. That didn't stop Elizabethan women from sprucing themselves up, however. They applied egg whites to the face for a dewy appearance. During times of epidemic disease such as the time of Charles II, people applied makeup heavily to mask the deathly pallor of illness.

Bright red lipstick and cheek rogue came into fashion during 18th century France. The 18th century was another dangerous time for cosmetics wearers, as makeup was commonly made from lead, mercury and belladonna. In Victorian times, a natural look was favored and noticeable makeup was associated with women of ill repute. During this time period, proper ladies would pinch their cheeks to make them pink and use rice powder to take away shine on the face. Of course, they'd never admit they used such beauty enhancing tactics because ladies simply didn't do such things!

When talking about who invented makeup, something must be mentioned about giants of the industry like Maybelline, Max Factor and Revlon. Maybelline was named after its founder's sister and came out with the first mascara, which was a huge hit. Max Factor created the legendary Pancake makeup in 1914, which was also wildly popular. In 1932 the Revlon company was founded, and introduced one of the most popular red lipsticks of all time, Cherries in the Snow. To this day, Maybelline still makes fantastic mascara, Max Factor still makes Pan-Cake and its cousin Pan-Stik, and Revlon still makes the classic Cherries in the Snow lipstick among many other great products.

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