Injecting Prescription Steroids Is Dangerous and Rarely Needed to Boost Testosterone

Perhaps it is the limited outlook and philosophy of western medical doctors; perhaps it is arrogance on their part that they really do have power over nature to interfere so recklessly with the balance of the body’s complex systems and perhaps it is purely economic – that doctors care more about treatments that result in them getting kick-backs from the pharmaceutical companies that sell the drugs Gw 501516 for sale.

Certainly the pharmaceutical companies are only motivated by profit, and they have no mandate to improve the health and well-being of their human customers unless they can make money from it. And to ensure their drugs succeed, these companies use very aggressive sales practices whereby they incentive doctors to not just prescribe a drug treatment, but to prescribe massively more expensive brand-name drug treatments when generic medicines will achieve the same result SR 9009 for sale.

This perhaps explains why doctors almost never direct their patients to methods of boosting the production of testosterone by their testicles and instead get the patients hooked on a lifetime course of synthetic hormones which have devastating side effects over the long-term Where Can I Get SARMs Online. Synthetic hormones certainly ramp-up the steroid level in the patient’s blood supply, and these patients notice an immediate return of sexual function, muscle-mass growth, rapid decreases in belly fat levels and a general decline in low-testosterone related diseases like circulation problems, diabetes, obesity which is generally attributable to increased exercise levels that flow from the sudden jump in androgenic hormone increases from the subscribed drugs.